Lindsey Paenitz

One of the warmest and most genuine women I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with! I found Kimberly through my midwife's office. From our first meeting she was so helpful answering my husband's many questions and passionate about helping mamas through their birthing experience. What I loved about her service is she offered 2 prenatal visits and 2 postpartum visits, and was happy to come to our home. She checked in on me periodically via text and phone calls as my pregnancy progressed, which I loved! Also, being able to text her and ask if the new symptom I was having as a first time mom to be helped alleviate a lot of stress. 

~ My birth experience ~

We had planned and prepped for an all natural birth at the birthing center, and Kimberly also had me research and become familiar with a hospital birth just in case. Thank God, because my birth went almost completely opposite of our plan! With pre eclampsia at 38.5 weeks I was sent straight to the ER and Kimberly came at 6 am as soon as my husband called! Even though I had to be induced and received an epidural very early on she still adapted some of the birthing techniques we had planned like the peanut ball. My family lives out of state so she stood in for my mom until she could arrive which was invaluable, and any new mom needs a mom to get through the process! When I was out of it and the Dr's came in she would help remind me what I wanted to ask. As labor continued into the wee hours she massaged my hands with my favorite lotion and slept in the waiting room chairs, she never left or acted inconvenienced by my long induction. When it finally came time to push she was in the room with my husband and mom. She fed me ice chips between pushes and reminded me how strong and amazing I am! I will forever be grateful for her help those 3 days! 

I can't say enough great things about Kimberly and highly recommend her for your birthing journey!!

Posted 4/9/2017