Lauren Brodie

Kimberly was the most amazing and supportive person as my husband and I had our first child!  From the first meeting with her we felt comfortable.  She was incredibly easy to talk with and focused on understanding our needs during the birth process.  She helped us to consider questions about our birth plan that we would not have thought of and was incredibly non-judgmental in the decisions we made.

We had two pre-birth visits with Kimberly and she was incredibly gracious in working with mine and my husband's hectic work schedules.  She was great in providing information about the birthing process and helping me to understand what would be soothing and comforting to me during labor (always knowing that things could change).  Kimberly was available to me after every pre-natal doctor's appointment and would check-in periodically to see how I was doing.  She was incredibly responsive when I called/texted with questions and helped me to identify which questions would be good for me to follow-up with the OBGYN about.

I had a scheduled induction for my pregnancy due to some medical concerns.  Kimberly met us at the hospital and was incredibly helpful, supportive and amazing throughout the labor process.  She helped me to consider all of my options as I made changes to my birth plan during labor and was great in knowing different questions I could ask the nurses and doctors based on the conversations we had during our prior meetings.  My labor lasted approximately 31 hours (from induction to pushing) before it was decided that a C-section needed to be performed.  Kimberly was there in the hospital with me, my husband and mother the entire time.  She then came in the OR during my C-section for support as well.  My family and I could not have handled the birth process without the support of Kimberly. She is incredibly amazing and I plan to have her there when we decide to have another child.

Posted 6/15/2017