Kyong Yu

My wife and I did not hire a doula, and educated ourselves by visiting sites online and watching Youtube videos (this was our first child). When the big day came, Kimberly happened to be volunteering at St. Joseph's hospital where we were going to give birth, and we were lucky enough to be offered her services. Nothing could've prepared my wife for the amount of uncontrollable pain she experienced through her 16 hours of labor, and nothing could've prepared me for the feeling of absolute helplessness to see your loved one in so much pain, and not being able to do anything about it. Everything we researched and prepared for went out the door. Kimberly remained calm and talked us through the whole process. She had a great deal of knowledge on how to use massage and different positions to alleviate some of the pain, as well as helping my wife get into a calmer state of mind. Although she was volunteering, she devoted 100% of her attention to us and never left our side until some time after the baby had arrived and we settled in -- a total of 12+ hours. . We cannot imagine that day without Kimberly's support and highly recommend her!

Posted 3/11/2016