James McCorkle

My wife was lucky enough to find Kimberly after I returned from a military deployment. Prior to the birth we interviewed another doula only to decide that Kim, Lea, and I seemed to be a great match. We asked her to be our doula during the process and we meet a couple of times prior to the birth to go over our birth plan and to allow my wife lea and Kimberly a chance to get to know one another. Kimberly was very knowledgeable in the process and was able to answer additional questions my wife had as well as pointing us in the right direction regarding possible birth complications, relaxation strategies, and other possible post birth options. Kim took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us and our primary provider so that any questions we may have not recalled about the upcoming birth, we would know the answers too. The importance of the doula was unknown to myself until the moment my wife went into labor. In fact, I had never even heard about it prior to this process. Late at night, Lea and I decided we needed to go to the hospital to get checked on. Turns out she was starting her labor processes which is when we called Kim. She made the decision at that point to come to the hospital even though we were unsure if we would stay. After several hours it was decided that the baby would follow. She assisted us throughout the entire night and late into the next day. She acted as a guide and liaison between us and the doctors. She answered additional questions based on the doctors guidance. She never left us throughout the process. She was able to advice me on things and support me in aspects of the birth I had no idea about. She held my wife's hand during the entire process, offering positions that may reduce the pain, acting as an outlet for my wife to voice, and reducing Leas worry and concerns. I do not feel that the labor would have gone so well considering the difficulties we had during the process. Her kindness and support will never be forgotten. Thanks

Posted 1/22/2016