Gena Schwam

I found Kimberly by contacting Bastyr University to see if I could be matched with a doula who was in training. I was happy to work with someone who hadn't yet been certified in order to be able to afford to have a birth coach. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Kimberly's expertise from years of being a volunteer doula at a hospital in Tacoma. Not only is she experienced, but she's also confident and that confidence put me at ease immediately. In our prenatal visits, Kimberly was always extremely prepared and professional, and I knew right away from meeting with a few different doulas that Kimberly was the right choice for us. It turned out that she actually did complete her certification shortly before I had my baby, so at that point, she had become a certified doula anyway.

Kimberly was amazing during the labor and delivery process. I unfortunately had a very long labor - 25 hours - it was a frustrating process for me when dilation stalled out for a long time. When Kimberly arrived she had some great ideas about different positions for me to try to get things moving again. She guessed (correctly) that the baby's head was at an angle and that was why I wasn't dilating. Since I had an epidural, I was confined to my bed, but the labor nurses had been having me turn and move as much as possible. They were unfamiliar with some of the positions Kimberly suggested, so we tried the new ones and sure enough, my labor began to progress again. I credit Kimberly's ideas for helping me avoid a C-section. If my labor hadn't started to progress again, I'm sure a vaginal birth would have become less and less possible as time went on. During the delivery, Kimberly was right there coaching me and helping me get through the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. Having her there gave me comfort and confidence. Her personality, expertise and accessibility were fantastic. I really feel she was my lifeline and recommend her highly!

Posted 6/27/2016