Elizabeth Fairbanks

When I first e-mailed Kimberly the one thing that struck me right away was her interest in knowing more about my pregnancy, myself, fiancee, and my birth plan. She also told me about herself and clearly stated the services she offers.

After meeting with Kimberly and feeling the educative, maternal, supportive, and nurturing vibe from her that I was looking for I knew she was the one. (Finding a doula that gets my fiancee's crude humor is a must as well!)

My birth-plan did not go as planned and when the day finally arrived and I was to be induced, Kimberly was ready to meet us at the hospital whenever we were ready and came right away when we were. Accompanying her was her mentor Michelle, who is equally as awesome as Kimberly!

Throughout the whole labor, which lasted 38 hours, Kimberly was with us. Kimberly kept me up and moving with alot of different tricks up her sleeve that helped moved baby and relieve pain and yet when I was tired and wanted to relax she perfectly set up the atmosphere in which to do so. She also kept me motivated with continuing my non pain medicated labor and when the labor progressed and I was in Transition, it was Kimberly who was right there holding my hand getting me through the most intense part of labor.

My fiancee also felt very comfortable with Kimberly and was glad to have someone show him techniques to help me through contractions. He was also glad to have someone trade off keeping me company, rubbing my back, etc so they each could get some rest. 

I was so happy that even though my birth plan changed a bit, Kimberly was there right by my side and I was still able to accomplish a part of the birth I wanted and for that I am eternally grateful and I would definetly recommend her to anyone I know that is pregnant, unless I'm pregnant and we're due near the same time, because I want her again.

Posted 5/21/2016