Lauren Brodie

"Kimberly was the most amazing and supportive person as my husband and I had our first child! From the first meeting with her we felt comfortable. She was incredibly easy to talk with and focused on understanding our needs during the birth process... my family and I could not of handled the birth process without the support of Kimberly. She is incredibly amazing and I plan to have her there when we decide to have another child."


Posted 6/15/2017

Sara Protasi

Kimberly was a very supportive and present doula. She often checked in with me via text during my pregnancy and after the birth, promptly responding to my requests for advice. Her prepartum visits were very helpful, and so were her postpartum ones. She is a warm person who genuinely cares for your wellbeing. Most importanty, her presence was crucial during my labor and delivery. She comforted and encouraged me throughout the process. Thanks, Kimberly!


Posted 5/29/2016

Kyong Yu

"Kimberly remained calm and talked to us through the whole process. She had a great deal of knowledge on how to use massage and different positions to alleviate some of the pain, as well as helping my wife get into a calmer state of mind...although she was volunteering, she devoted 100% of her attention to us and never left our side until sometime after the baby had arrived we settled in, total of 12+ hours. We cannot imagine a day without Kimberly support and highly recommend her!"


Posted 3/11/2016

James McCorkle

"she never left us throughout the process. She was able to advise me on things and support me and aspects of the birth I had no idea about. She held my wife's hand during the entire process, offering positions that may reduce the pain, acting as an outlet for my wife to voice, and reducing Lea's worry and concerns... her kindness and support will never be forgotten."


Posted 1/22/2016